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paul’s mom jeans in help!

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Joey Ramone, 1982

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Jimi Hendrix on stage at the Civic Auditorium in California, 1968.

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soft grunge is for pussies

I can’t stop looking at Cliff’s eyebrows

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"I know a lot of people who are simpletons, y’know? They’re very simple, they can enjoy their lives and be totally happy and secure just watching sports on television and having a beer every once in a while, so, I’ve always felt too complicated, so I envied those people. I’m not saying that I’m smarter than those people, it’s just that I’m too sensitive. I wish sometimes that I could just enjoy the simple things in life, and just forget about everything else." - Kurt Cobain, 1993.

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Music started as a passion for me, and to this day it still is. Some musical settings can really rob you of that passion and leave you empty, even to the point of disliking music altogether. I try to avoid those people and those settings. After all, if music is your gift, anyone who tries to quench that gift is like a thief robbing you of what is rightfully yours to enjoy.
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